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Hongkong international medical equipment and supplies exhibition held in mid May

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Hongkong international medical equipment and supplies exhibition sixth Hongkong international medical equipment and supplies exhibition will be held in May 2015 18 to 20 fake Hongkong conference and Exhibition Center held. Exhibition is expected to will converge approximately 250 quality exhibitors, provide a golden opportunity for medical professionals and buyers, collecting different types of medical equipment, products and services. In 2014, the exhibition attracted more than 9600 buyers admission, compared with the previous increase of 17%.

Theme pavilion with market demand

According to UN figures, the elderly population is now dominated by women, and the future is still in the future.. In 2014, the average female global average 4.5 years more than male. Therefore, in the age of 60 years, women accounted for 54%, while 80 years of age or older accounted for 62%. These trends are leading to a continuing rise in the demand for health care and beauty products for women, especially for women.. According to WHO estimates, the current global annual health expenditure of more than 6.5 trillion.

In view of this, from all kinds of medical exhibition exhibitors, to cater to the market demand. The physical therapy area of the exhibition is the latest physical therapy equipment, instruments and related services. The medical beauty equipment and supplies exhibition is also welcomed by the buyers this year will continue to display for beauty and skin and equipment, such as strong pulse photon and laser equipment, etc..

Other characteristics of the exhibition area

Other focus exhibition including "rehabilitation and elderly care activities", the display of patient monitoring systems, plastic surgery devices and the wheelchair a series of rehabilitation and elderly nursing care activities. Market of the new professional electronic medical equipment and technology a demand, the focus of hospital equipment exhibition is also the buyers, buyers can in the exhibition looking for ultrasonic, imaging and anesthesia and surgical tools. In addition, with the rising demand for home health care products, buyers can find portable medical equipment at the exhibition of "household medical products", these devices can make medical personnel in medical field testing or treatment, improve the therapeutic effect. Other major exhibits include "accident and emergency equipment, building technology and hospital furniture", "the Chinese medicine equipment, communication, and information technology", dental equipment and supplies "," diagnosis "," electronic medical equipment / medical science "," laboratory equipment, medical equipment parts and materials "," medical supplies and consumption activities "," medical textiles ".
A number of activities to help the industry get market information

During the exhibition, the General Assembly will host a series of seminars and exhibitors forum to discuss the latest technology and medical equipment, medical equipment supervision and management regulations and other issues. In addition, the district's major medical community annual event - the hospital authority Seminar - will be held in the same period, attracting more than medical professionals from around the world.

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- Website: www.hktdc.com/ex/hkmedicalfair/40

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- mobile phone information station: www.hktdc.com/wap/medical/T019

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