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The magic mirror! "Reflects the Siemens event" of domestic Yixie people

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Net of medicine of the May 6 news foreign giants, commercial bribery, administration of the survey and major elements and plot a sharp reversal, making the "Siemens is investigated," a thing is full of dramatic, a time online commentary blots out the sky. Just like the scene lively satire, vivid story or not is certainly worthy of us to discuss, and the expression of laughter in the spectators, reaction more worthy of us to explore, to reflect on.

1 event review

In May 3rd, according to Reuters, SIEMENS China's medical department was SAIC investigation, bribery about 1000 hospitals. One time become the focus of the topic, people think that this is "domestic Yixie ushered in the spring a good time; some media even issued a" the nightmare of foreign medical device ", such as exaggerated remarks. 

And just one day later, on May 4 in the evening, spokesman for the State Administration for Industry and commerce "for Siemens Healthcare Sector expansion commercial bribery investigation" responded, "State Administration for Industry and commerce did not begin on Siemens commercial bribery investigation." 

The plot sharp reversal can be described as "Oolong" events is full of twists and turns in the "foreign Yixie into a nightmare, domestic Yixie ushered in the cheers of the spring has not dissipated, the Administration for Industry and Commerce in a timely manner rumor gave domestic Yixie head-on poured a pot of cold water. 

2 cheers behind the reflection 

Lenovo to last year, the Ministry of Commerce launched the medical apparatus and instruments of foreign antitrust investigation, then also sing decline foreign Yixie sing good domestic Yixie speech layer group. And the survey in the past year, foreign Yixie GPS (GE, Philips, Siemens) in CT, nuclear magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine, angiography, several large medical equipment aspect, its total market share rate was over 80%; imported medical equipment is accounted for about three quarters of China's $340 billion medical equipment market. 

What we should see is: 

First of all, the large high-end medical equipment manufacturing, domestic Yixie and foreign Yixie after-sale services from the hardware technology, quality and software are larger gap. And gaps in these areas has become the most hospitals in the Planning Commission advocated purchasing domestic Yixie background under, still choose foreign Yixie is one of the main reasons. 

According to statistics, the annual large equipment trial production share rate, the GPS three representative foreign Yixie company market possession rate is still an absolute advantage. 


Occupancy rate 

Class CT 

Magnetic resonance MRI class


Image class 

Nuclear medicine 

Class DR 

DSA class of angiography machine 

General Electric 




























(data: report, investigation China medical equipment of customer service service in 2014 medical innovation network assembly)

Secondly, the domestic medical industry to a certain extent, the existence of "and so on to" psychological. In front is unable to defeat foreign Yixie, domestic Yixie there are hopes to "national government" punish to investigating these foreign Yixie, thus he scored market as a whole. This cognition, this mentality is cowardly, undesirable.

GSK case from the point of view, the government to punish the opened in the history of the largest ticket, media cheered foreign pharmaceutical will will usher in the outbreak of the desperate, domestic medicine. This year to purchase imported drugs in our hospital is still high, the local pharmaceutical companies is still limited living space. Visible hopes to "punish" government and itself in technology and services to improve, the living space is still unable to fundamentally change.

Third, the sales model of foreign Yixie became the focus of everyone Tucao, but we look back to see their own, domestic Yixie especially IVD products, drugs and other sales model is not the same?? The ancients said, "see Xian and emulate those better than oneself, introspection", "fifty paces laughing" this kind of psychology is unacceptable.

Free provision of equipment, rely on reagents and consumables to make money (the device can only use the corollary reagent supplies, the transfer price to the continuing demand for reagents and consumables) model is currently the market is very common, and hospital reagents, consumables, consumption astonishing, and such "tied frame hospital inevitably brings is black box operation and serious corruption and bribery.

Finally, survey of foreign Yixie also does not mean that not survey domestic Yixie of bribery and corruption, but does not mean that countries in order to support domestic Yixie development. To know the market for quality, service, not because you are "socialist or captialist" and give you the green light to go through the back door.

The mentality of domestic Yixie industry overall downturn and this intolerable and incorrect cognitive currently have a great relationship, can not correctly treat gap or with tinted glasses selective view of the problem, so not only can not for domestic Yixie industry bring upgrading, but will bring is more heavy pain.

Where is the 3 domestic Yixie way

We have been in discussions exploration domestic Yixie way, also been hoping and upgrade its technology and service to seize market share. Foreign medical existence, can continue to push the development of the domestic Yixie stimulus. In this day and age behind closed doors and it is not possible, globalization requirements technology more exchanges and cooperation, and integration of the market also requires the high standard of service.

To look at foreign medical right reason