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Chinese style medical equipment sales mode is facing a change?

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Net of medicine of the May 5 news, Reuters reported, the German giant Siemens AG and its dealers, by providing free medical equipment, in exchange for hospital equipment in this exclusive use of chemical reagents developed by Siemens company, this behavior in violation of the China's "anti unfair competition law," the provisions, someone's hospital about 1000.

But SIEMENS said, and I do not know the items mentioned in the report. The 21st Century Business Herald in response to said: "a branch of the Department of industry and commerce, Shanghai is the Siemens Medical laboratory diagnostics business market and business model of the understanding, the model in the global industry has been widely used. Contrary to the recent media report, the work has not been involved in any corruption and has nothing to do with any individual interest.."

The evening of May 4, according to the report "Administration for Industry and Commerce on the Siemens Healthcare Sector launched commercial bribery investigation", spokesman for the State Administration for Industry and Commerce said the State Administration for Industry and commerce did not begin to Siemens commercial bribery investigation, but also did not accept the media interview.

But the Siemens was to investigate "Oolong" event. It also reveals the a prevalent in China's medical equipment sales model: supplier for the hospital to provide free medical equipment (equipment), the hospital purchase commitments and the equipment related reagents and consumables supplier through sales of the latter make up the cost of medical equipment and to earn a profit.

According to the twenty-first Century economic report, this sales model is not unique to SIEMENS. In order to occupy the hospital market, for some unit price is not high, the use of frequent equipment, most domestic manufacturers or distributors have been using this basic fixed sales model.

Another model is suitable for "high value", large medical equipment, insiders said the "rebate" mode, because the hospital especially the purchase price of public hospitals are often higher than the private hospitals and the prevailing price, the result is often push up the cost of detection.

In the formation process of these two kinds of Chinese medical equipment sales model, medical price formulation and supervision measures or blame.

Small and medium medical equipment sales model

Free provision of equipment, and rely on reagents and consumables to make money mode, Reuters said Siemens and its dealers suspected violation of the Anti Unfair Competition Law "pattern of sales for in the unit price is not high, the use of frequent equipment, such as blood routine, biochemical and blood routine liquid detection.

In order to occupy the hospital market, the majority of small and medium medical equipment are using this way of sale, the hospital is, after all, a strong party, even if the free equipment, also need to get through 'relationship'." An unnamed medical equipment producer told the twenty-first Century economic report. "In fact, this sales pattern is not divided into domestic and foreign." He added.

21st century business herald a domestic medical equipment manufacturers and dealers contract model shows that a routine blood testing equipment, the price of 5 million yuan, the detection need to use reagent of the manufacturers, dealers whenever and hospital settled when, you need to pay 5 00000 yuan deposit to the production manufacturer, up until the time of the hospital, the amount of the reagent procurement reached 10 million yuan, manufacturers can will "deposit" returned to the dealer.

"It can be seen that the hospital free use of the testing equipment, but the need to pay the reagent costs." A senior source of medical equipment industry explained: the manufacturers and distributors of profit entirely from the reagent."

In the above case, the reagent sales reached 100000 yuan is not difficult, especially in the two or more levels of the hospital. It is reported that the reagent sales prices to hospital for 15-18 yuan / branch. On this basis, to 10 million yuan in sales only needs to detect the 5555-6666, and Beijing City Public 3 armour hospital daily outpatient amount can reach thousands or even tens of thousands of people.